1. Tired of seeing pics of shit I get in the mail yet? Too bad! Got these two great 7”s from the awesome Street Sects. If you haven’t heard this band yet, get on it.

  2. Was just talking about Gore House Productions last night and then come home to find this in yesterday’s mail. Haven’t listened to it yet but love the schtick.

  3. Goodies is in the mail from @sandy_dust!

  4. No words needed.


  5. A word on brutality.

    A word on brutality.


    Brutal death metal bands often get accused of promoting misogyny and violence.  I was thinking about this the other day while listening to Abusing Dismembered Beauties, the third and most recent album from Italian slammers Vulvectomy.  Here I am, enjoying an album adorned with cover art that features a variety of gruesomely murdered/mutilated women and song titles such as “Deformed Tits…

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  6. I’m sure some of you that only know me from THKD have been wondering what I look like in real life so here ya go…


  7. Swine Overlord - Parables of Umbral Transcendence (Gore House Productions, 2014)

    Swine Overlord – Parables of Umbral Transcendence (Gore House Productions, 2014)


    “Mature” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of brutal death metal, hell it probably isn’t the five-hundredth word one thinks of.  But I’ll be damned if Parables of Umbral Transcendence, the debut full-length from NY/FL-based project Swine Overlord isn’t a shockingly mature slab of BDM.  The band has largely shed the slam leanings and cartoonish visual imagery of…

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  8. It begins…


  9. Dispirit and the art of total immersion.

    Dispirit and the art of total immersion.


    As a heavy metal fan, I’ve seen dozens of amazing shows.  But I can probably count on one hand the number of shows that fully immersed me, the ones that made real life and all the horrific mundanity that goes with it melt away completely, the ones that made me feel like I was alone in the universe with nothing but the band and the music.  Dispirit’s headlining set at the Starlite Lounge last…

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  10. Haul from last night, shirt + Rehearsal at Oboroten and 111112 cassettes.