1. Phalloplasty - Systematic Mutilation (Gore House Productions, 2014)

    Phalloplasty – Systematic Mutilation (Gore House Productions, 2014)


    Los Angeles, CA’s Gore House Productions has one of the most insane release schedules of any of the independent labels I regularly work with.  Seriously, they pump out such a constant stream of awesome slam, brutal death metal and goregrind that you’d think this shit grew on trees.  The latest GHP onslaught comes in the form of Systematic Mutilation, the second album from Vegas-based one-man…

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  2. Killgasm - A Stab in the Heart of Christ (Moribund, 2014)

    Killgasm – A Stab in the Heart of Christ (Moribund, 2014)


    I’ve always believed that there’s something to be said for staunch traditionalism, especially when it comes to black metal.  I often tire of the progressive tendencies the genre has picked up in recent years, especially here in the US; sometimes I just want to scream “cut the shit and get to the ear-raping already!”  Fortunately, Sacramento, CA’s Killgasm exists, and their second album A Stab in…

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  3. Guess it’s time to break this out once again…


  4. Extremely Rotten - Zombification of the Masses (Gore House Productions, 2014)

    Extremely Rotten – Zombification of the Masses (Gore House Productions, 2014)


    If you’re into brutality, Southern California’s Gore House Productions have been killing it in 2014, putting out a slew of excellent brutal death metal, slam and goregrind releases with no end in sight.  Among their latest is Zombification of the Masses, a quickie EP from Florida’s Extremely Rotten, featuring two tracks of slamming brutal death metal.  Clocking in at just five minutes, it is the…

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  5. Sons of Famine - Alcohol and Razor Blades (self-released, 2013)

    Sons of Famine – Alcohol and Razor Blades (self-released, 2013)


    Just as I’ve started to settle into life on the West Coast, along comes a band from the Midwest to remind me that my home region can kick serious ass when it wants to.  That band is Chicago’s Sons of Famine, who’s stock-in-trade is pummeling oldschool death metal with a blackened edge.  Their debut demo, Alcohol and Razor Blades, is a musical battering ram of ungodly filth and fury that beats…

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  6. My first show in Sacramento.

    My first show in Sacramento.


    When my wife and I first started talking seriously about moving to Sacramento, one of the main draws for me was the opportunity to take in a lot of live music.  Sure, metal shows do happen back home in Des Moines, but they are few and far between, seemingly getting more and more scarce by the year, so in this respect moving to the West Coast was a total no-brainer.  I started looking for shows…

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  7. Here’s a pic from earlier tonight of Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, a black metal one man band. Dude plays drums with his feet while playing guitar and singing at the same time. Awesome/crazy shit.


  8. Across the Swarm - s/t (self-released, 2014)

    Across the Swarm – s/t (self-released, 2014)

    Across The Swarm  ep Front

    I’ve been covering quite a bit of brutal death metal of late, but Italy’s Across the Swarm stand out even among the standouts I’ve been touching on throughout 2014.  What makes the band so special, you ask?  First and foremost they write great songs, but what sealed the deal for me is the way in which they seamlessly integrate electronic elements into the brutal death metal framework.

    Many of…

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  9. Street Sects - Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings (self-released, 2014)

    Street Sects – Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings (self-released, 2014)


    2014 will be remembered as the year that actually got me excited about extreme music again.  I haven’t exactly been bored, but it seems like this year I’m finding so many exciting young bands that are doing something truly interesting within the genre paradigm.  One such band is Austin’s Street Sects, who are releasing the second part of their “serial album” in the form of Broken Windows, Sunken…

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  10. Sleeping Peonies - Opal (self released, 2014)

    Sleeping Peonies – Opal (self released, 2014)

    Sleeping Peonies - Opal - sparkledust

    At thirty-five, I don’t often have epiphanic moments while listening to music anymore. It’s typically more along the lines of “been there, done that, no alarms, no surprises, etc, etc.”  But when I stumbled upon the UK’s Sleeping Peonies during one of my increasingly frequent trawls through the depths of Bandcamp, it happened.  This was music I had been waiting my whole life to hear.  I realize…

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